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Town of Flower Mound Code Violations

The Environmental Services Division provides quality services to a rapidly
growing community for the protection and promotion of the health, safety,
welfare, property value and environment of the citizens of Flower Mound, by
focusing on public education to gain compliance by administering the Town's
Codes and State laws relevant to nuisance, zoning, environmental and consumer
health standards.

Here are a few of our most common code violations.

High grass and Weeds- Grass may not exceed 12 inches (Section 34-32 of the
Town’s Code of Ordinances)

Trash and Debris- Do not store trash and debris on your property.
Section 34-71. Dumping, stagnant water, trash, and other unsightly or
unsanitary matter declared a nuisance.
It is unlawful and declared a nuisance for any person owning, claiming,
occupying or having supervision or control of any real property, occupied or
unoccupied, within the corporate limits of the town, to permit or allow any
stagnant or unwholesome water, refuse, rubbish, trash, debris, filth, carrion, junk,
garbage, impure or unwholesome matter of any kind or other objectionable or
unsightly matter of whatever kind to remain upon any such real property or within
any public easement on or across such real property or upon any adjacent public
street or alley right-of-way between the property line of such real property and
where the paved surface of the street or alley begins.

Junk Vehicles- Junk vehicles that are visible from a public right-of-way are
declared to be a public nuisance.
Junked vehicle means a vehicle that is self-propelled and:
Does not have lawfully attached to it an unexpired license plate or a valid
motor vehicle inspection certificate; and
Is wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or
Is inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than 72 consecutive
hours, if the vehicle is on public property, or 30 consecutive days, if the vehicle is
on private property.
(Section 34-242)

Right of Way obstructions- Do not obstruct the public right-of-way and do not
park over sidewalks, or allow your trees to grow lower than 8 feet over the
sidewalk or lower than 14 feet over the street. (Section 34-51; 66-174)

Stagnant Water- Stagnant water is not allowed on your property. Swimming
pools that hold stagnant water are a violation. Empty potted planters, toys, and
other objects that can hold water (Section 34-71)

Property Maintenance- Properties must be maintained. Fences must be in good
repair and homes must be sealed from the elements (Section 14-513)

Work without permits- Many projects require permits. Some of the projects
where permits are required include:
Commercial and residential -- new construction, interior remodels, additions,
alterations and repairs.
Plumbing, electrical, mechanical and construction of interior walls greater than 5
feet 10 inches in height.
Construction of retaining walls over 4 feet in height.
Certificates of Occupancy (any time the occupant of a building or space
Swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, accessory buildings, lawn irrigation systems,
decks and patio covers.
Temporary uses and structures such as tents, Christmas tree lots and snow cone
Driveway and sidewalk installations, fences and walls.
Demolition of structures.Obtain necessary permits when doing any kind of
electrical, plumbing, structure building or repairs. Also obtain necessary permits
to build and repair fences if post are new or being changed out.
For more information call 972-874-6355.

Parking on Grass- Vehicles must be parked on approved concrete or asphalt
surfaces or other accepted surfaces as approved by the Town. (Section 66-174)

Illegal Dumping- Dumping is prohibited. This includes grass clippings and pet
waste. (Section 34-73)

Signs in the Right of Way- Garage, yard, estate sale, open house signs and
any other sign not approved by the Town are not allowed in the Right of Way.
(Section 86-102)

You can find a Code Enforcement Frequently Asked Questions section on the
web at http://www.flower-mound.com/index.aspx?NID=373. To report or discuss
a concern contact us at 972-874-6340 or you can email us at
emily.chapman@flower-mound.com or mike.zapata@flower-mound.com .
Glenn Olson,
Mar 28, 2013, 10:13 AM